At the moment, we offer three Moby Marts, incorporating all our latest techniques. It will basically be custom versions of the Moby Mart (which has been featured extensively in global media in the last weeks).

We will choose three of all the interested partners around the world, ship a Moby Mart to them, help them set it up and support them.
The price for these will start at USD $250,000.


We will choose cooperations that we find challenging, in different countries and demographics. We will prioritise those that might become long-term partners.

The Moby Mart  is to the traditional small store what the car was to the horse. In the nearest future, there will be tens of thousands of mobile stores all over the world.


B R A C E  Y O U S E L F

S I T E  I S  B E I N G  R E B U I L T