In the past few years something huge has been happening in the world of retail. While online shopping is spreading to every last niche, brick&mortar retail chains go bankrupt. But people still want the physical shopping experience.

And this is where Moby Mart comes in. Moby Mart is powered by A.I., it is staff-less and mobile, and it brings online&offline shopping to your doorstep. It has been hyped as the “future of retail” by media all over the world. We get emails every day about corporations, and were hailed by Wired as part of the Future of retail

But Moby is more than some new cool store. If it has coolness (we say it does) it is a result of its ideological foundation. After all, “just” bringing the perfect shopping to the customer’s doorstep would be like being content inventing some incredibly fancy ink rather than inventing the printing press.

No, that won’t do. We don’t want to be the Uber of shopping. Or the Uber of anything.

“We want to be to retail what blockchain tech is to finance.”

Ok. Now you know for sure. We’re lunatics. Who else would say such things? But let me explain.

Obviously, blockchain-based currencies, cryptocurrencies, have brought a radical new notion to the world of finance. That banks are superfluous. The blockchain completely eliminates the need for one entity, such as a government or corporation, to control or serve the system. The system remains highly secure without it.

This also means another thing: Since there are no points of entry, there’s no one to care about your credit history etc., nor is there anyone to care about managing your massive fortune or interest. In other words, every user of cryptocurrencies are treated with the same indifferency. They’re equal in the eyes of the currency.

Some have argued since cryptocurrencies are not per se favoring a capitalist society, cryptocurrencies are  socialist. Nonsense of course - anyone with a hunch about what socialism is knows that in a socialist society, all goods and services are collectively owned, and basic rights, including the right to property, are violently suppressed (and even more centrally controlled). Since Bitcoin IS property it inherently is unfit to serve such purposes. There is no “right of the collective”, even though BC is owned by the collective. Bitcoin is neither socialist, nor capitalist or democratic.

Bitcoin has no political agenda. It is neutral. Like gold, it can only exist as a carrier of value, there for anyone to use, like the simplest word. And this makes it infinitely more valuable.

Take the word “gold” and insert it in any textbook about economic history and we believe you have an idea of the significance Bitcoin may have in the future.

So what’s this all to do with Moby Mart?

When creating Wheelys Café and finally, when creating Moby Mart, we experimented with a few issues we found in retail.

Firstly, there was the fact that anyone that wants to start a business has to have $$$ in the bank account, OR be solid enough to get that kind of loan. To earn money you need to already have money. Secondly, there was the problem that the big retail chains always seemed to be able to present lower prices and still maintain higher margins. In this field being small, meant being weak.

With Wheelys, we created a café on a bike that was so cheap almost ANYONE could afford it to start their own business. In two years we sold almost 900 cafés. This made it possible for many to become a part of the success story. In order to compete with the big brands we sold the best organic coffee at great prices - since we didn’t need real estate there was no over head costs. The bikes and the starting/running costs of a Wheelys business where so affordable it was basically open source.

Moby will go even further. Moby focuses on connecting every store in a logistics web, owned by the users, aided by A.I. Security from theft will be based on data collected from each “node”, and shared across the chain of users. Growth can be exponential is due to the fact that information is shared on a peer-to-peer basis excluding time-consuming and cost-some intermediaries (like us). Anyone can buy a Moby, and anyone can use the system. Moby aims to be a voluntarist means of selling stuff. Simple as that.

And just like cryptocurrencies, we’ll operate outside the established system, and enable people to participate.

Watch out Amazon, there’s a new gold standard!

Hannah Mazetti, co-founder Moby Mart