Futuristic Supermarket Moby Mart launching seed round.

After successfully launching the world’s first staffless store in 2016 and the first mobile supermarket in 2017, YC startup Wheelys Café will spin off the successful concept “Moby” into a company in its own right.

The retail industry stands before the biggest revolution in a hundred years. We believe the key lies in logistics. With the Moby Mart we turn the traditional delivery truck into a staffless store. Doing this reduces costs, and adds convenience.

The biggest costs in retail are staff, restocking and rent.
A Moby cuts all these costs. Since the delivery truck IS the store, there is no need for restocking. Any parking space will be a store. Finally, the a Moby is totally staffless. What does this mean?
It means that we can bring world class stores to tens of
thousands of communities- where before there was none."

Per Cromwell, CEO Moby AB

“The notion that physical retail will disappear is nonsense. The traditional store is really nothing but a logistics hub for deliveries of physical goods, where the consumer carries the logistics costs. People will always want to buy ice-cream at the corner store. You might replace the store with some dude driving the ice-cream to your door, but even then, it is all about logistics.

“Traditional stores make sense for products that are sold to settle an immediate want, like ice-cream, a pizza or even an iPhone charger; but less so for products that are sold less often, like rare books. The Moby sells the ice-cream, but it also delivers the rare book. It is the first store adapted for the Internet age.”

Hannah Mazetti, inventor Moby Mart.

The Moby Mart was developed by Hannah and Tomas Mazetti from Wheelys Café, a Y Combinator startup led by the charismatic Maria De La Croix. Since the Moby now has grown too big to be housed inside Wheelys, it will be turned into a company of its own, and will raise money from investors. This company will be led by Per Cromwell, the designer behind the Moby.

“By turning Moby into a company of its own, Wheelys can continue the incredible growth of the brand and the community, while giving Moby legs of its own. The Moby team is truly world leaders, and just the fact that they’ve sold two Mobys says it all. I can’t but congratulate the investors, partners and customers that understand this vision!”

Maria De La Croix
Yours Sincerely

Per Cromwell

Moby Mart co-founder and Designer

Wheelys Inc is a chain of mobile cafés enabling regular people to start their own café. Since being founded in 2015, Wheelys Café has sold over 800 cafés to 70+ countries, growing faster than any fast food chain. Ever. Wheelys was hosted at Y Combinator and has been funded by, among others, Paul Buchheit (creator of Gmail), Jared Friedman (founder of Scribd), and Justin Waldron (co-founder of Zynga). Wheelys Café HQ is in Stockholm, and the boss is 28-year-old Maria De La Croix, one of the few CEOs of a global food company with blue hair.
Moby is the FUTURE OF RETAIL. A a cross-over between a delivery truck and a supermarket. A Moby sells stuff for immediate consumption, like coffee, food and other things, while delivering other stuff from Web Merchants.By mass producing Mobys we bring retail to the next level. Moby is lead by Per Cromwell, co- founder of YC company Wheelys café.