Terms & ConditionsMoby Mart are operated by White Whale AB in Sweden. The products sold are basically the same as in any small store, but more organic and local. Your use of a Moby store, app or website indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Your submittal of any purchase order indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE THE MOBY MART & WHITE WHALE AB, HEREINAFTER REFERRED TO AS “MM”

1. Agreement
.These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the Customer and MM and supersede all previous communications, representations or agreements, either verbal or written, with respect to the subject matter thereof. 

2.    Terms and Conditions Changes 
MM reserves the right to update or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

3.      Purchasing & Shipping
All purchases are done by the customer immediately at spot in the store. It is the customers responsibility to pay for all the products which he wishes to leave the store with before leaving the store. MM does not ship any products.  

4      Returns
See our return and refund policy.

5.      Buyer's Indemnity  
The Buyer represents and warrants to MM that it shall use the Products in accordance with applicable law, rule, and regulation and not in violation of any patent or other proprietary rights of any third party.

6.   Warranty
ALL PRODUCTS ARE SOLD "AS-IS." Buyer acknowledges that there may be variations in the characteristics of Products. MM warrants that each product to be delivered hereunder will conform to its specifications and be free from defects in workmanship. MM MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, EXCEPT THAT OF TITLE AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED.LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: The remedies of the purchaser set forth herein are exclusive and the total liability of MM with respect to this order, whether based on contract, warranty, negligence, indemnification, strict liability or otherwise, shall not exceed the purchase price of the component upon which liability is based. In no event shall MM be liable for consequential, incidental or special damages.

9.   Patent disclaimer
Seller makes no warranty or representation that the use or sale of the Products, whether alone or in combination with other products, will not infringe the claims of any letters patent, trademarks, registered designs or other proprietary rights of any party and Buyer assumes all risks associated therewith.

10.   Governing Law.
The terms and conditions shall be deemed to have been made in and shall be governed by the laws of Sweden. Any legal action shall be resolved in the courts of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. All products sold MM are subject to the following Terms and Conditions, interpreted under the laws of Sweden.

11.    Delete your account
If you want to delete your account send us an email at
info@themobymart.com and we will delete all your data.